Highly-educated and experienced professional team with a very low employee turnover

    72% graduated from first-class universities with M.S. degrees or Ph.D. degrees                              

    70% of our patent attorneys with over 5-year of experience in Tee & Howe

    42% of our patent attorneys with over 10-year of experience in Tee & Howe

Continuous  training on latest IP laws, regulations and typical case study 

 Around 6,600 patent filings in 2018, including 2,700 filings from foreign applicants and 1,800 filings filed abroad

 The allowance rate of invention patent applications we handled is over 85%, which ranks top domestically

◆ Computerized docketing system, maintaining dockets and dues 

 Long-standing and good cooperation with present applicants for years

 Our firm frequently, if not always, ranks top in annual evaluations by top tier foreign applicants

 We have a network of over 270 good foreign associates from nearly 80 countries and regions

 Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, etc.


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